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Theory of Change

Existing efforts to reclaim and reinvent education are being strengthened by an emerging network of schools, educators, and organizations. IDEA contributes to the growing capacity of this social movement under the framework and values of democratic education. IDEA attracts people and organizations committed to social justice and human rights, place-based and community-based education, social and emotional learning, youth engagement, and systems change.

The concepts that unite these various efforts are made tangible and credible through the actual practices of teachers, schools, and organizations.

"The seven-year old whose life you want to impact doesn't care about how you arrived at your curating criteria - she wants her life changed by them."

- Seth Godin

We showcase and learn from what’s already working. Using transparent “curating criteria,” we seek to identify and lift up the highest quality examples of democratic education in practice, in policy, and through the voices and stories of young people, educators, and communities.

IDEA's understanding of how change happens and how to organize towards change is captured here:


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