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Place-based Education


The primary value of place-based education lies in the way that it serves to strengthen children's connections to others and to the regions in which they live. It enhances achievement, but more important, it helps overcome the alienation and isolation of individuals that have become hallmarks of modernity. By reconnecting rather than separating children from the world, place-based education serves both individuals and communities, helping individuals to experience the value they hold for others and allowing communities to benefit from the commitment and contributions of their members.  

- Greg Smith, from Place-Based Education: Learing To Be Where We Are

It is hard to say it better than Greg Smith, one of the best articulators of the power of place. As more educators look to new models of teaching and learning there is a field (yes, pun intended) of depth and knowledge within the resources below that weave histories, peoples, and stories together of personalized learning but one that remembers the ancestors before and those who come after and stories and impact we have today.