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National Learning Calls

The Need

It can be difficult to stay "up to speed" on all the different things happening around educational change in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Many activists and educators have shared the challenge they face in making time to step back and make sense of how their efforts fit into a larger picture.

IDEA's Approach

National Learning Calls provide an opportunity to more deeply understand an issue, learn more about an upcoming campaign, or to simply increase community engagement on timely topics and calls to action.

You can find an archive of our calls below.


  1. Amplify connections and awareness of campaigns across networks and organizations
  2. Deepen understanding of drivers of educational change
  3. Build relationships
  4. Increase engagement in on-the-ground, local, national, and virtual opportunities to make change in education

Learning Call Archive

Education Organizing During a Trump Presidency (link to flyer)
We held this call in the weeks following the 2016 election, with Jitu Brown of Journey for Justice, Alyson Brown of the Communities for Just Schools Fund, and former Michigan Teacher of the Year and IDEA National Fellow Nancy Flanagan. Here is a link to download an mp3 file of the recording of the call.
Puerto Rico: A People's Revolution (link to flyer)
On January 24, 2017 we held a learning call, "Puerto Rico: A People's Revolution," with Justo MÃ(c)ndez Arámburu and Brayan Sánchez of VAMOS PR, Ana Yris Guzmán Torres of Nuestra Escuela, and Jimmy Torres of the SEIU, explaining the financial and political crisis in Puerto Rico, the impact on education, and the ongoing organizing for a free Puerto Rico. Here is a link to download an mp3 file of the recording of the call.
National Learning Call about ESEA (link to flyer)
Held January 22, 2014 with panelists Maya Rockeymoore, Ana Helvia Quintero, and Le Roy Shingoitewa. Follow the link for the original flyer and check out the full notes and the Storify of the twitter chat held alongside the call.
Journey for Justice Listening Project (link to brief overview)
Held March 11, 2014 with Jitu Brown, Director of Journey for Justice, participants discussed J4J's Listening Project and how IDEA and networks could get involved. Follow the link for a brief overview of the call, and check out J4J's report showcasing stories and learning from the Listening Project, Death by a Thousand Cuts: Racism, Schools Closures, and Public School Sabotage.
Freedom Summer 50th Anniversary Youth Congress (flyer)
Held May 13, 2014 with Freedom Summer 50th Youth Congress organizers, George "Chuck" Patterson and Jed Oppenheim, participants joined in to learn more about the congress and how they could offer up support. To learn more about the youth congress, visit the FSYC website.