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National Fellows

The Need

Organizing is most impactful when critical connections are being made between place-based and national actors through story, dialogue, and collaborative actions grounded in shared values and relationships. As place-based efforts and regional networks emerge, there's a need for national actors who have expertise in policy, practice, public narrative, and strategy to share amongst each other and make local, translocal, and national connections.

IDEA's Approach

The National Fellows helps the IDEA community make sense of ‘nation-as-place’ by paying attention to what they see, sharing stories and learning, and connecting to place-based teams to both support their work and learn from the efforts of local educators, youth, and organizers.


1) Identify examples, research, and stories along the four drivers of change: education policy, practice, public narrative, and strategy that advance democratic education.

2) Make meaning together of emerging trends, campaigns, and strategies.

3) Learn about place-based efforts for use in each fellows own work with the goal of elevating the knowledge and impact of place-based work.

4) Support the learning, development, and sharing of comes through Learning Breakthrough Series.

5) Contribute to networking and relationship building efforts within and across the IDEA network, both formally and informally.


National Fellows Role Description
National Fellows Plan of Action 2014-15