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Learning Reports

The Need

Reports about education are often full of findings and abstract solutions but lack the depth, stories, and sharing of learning that can nurture an understanding of how transformational change unfolds in different communities. Rather than linking across efforts, too often reports elevate a single best approach from the lens of one, rather than multiple, perspectives.

IDEA's Approach

Each issue of IDEA’s Learning Reports shares the stories, connections, and learning from the educational change work happening across IDEA and the networks with which we are engaged.

The broad educational change community is invited to add to the documentation for future reports through online “story journals," and content is also gathered from online engagement and in person, phone, and electronic conversations.

The first audience of learning reports are the people engaged with IDEA with the hope that our learning is also useful for individuals, communities, organizations, and policy-makers around the United States and Puerto Rico working to advance meaningful learning to build a more just and sustainable society.


  1. Increase access to salient knowledge from young people, educators, organizers and policy makers to one another.
  2. Develop contextualized understanding and awareness of how educational change efforts are similar and different to inform national strategy development.
  3. Make visible the lens with which IDEA, as an organization, is making sense of the educational landscape.
  4. Provoke questions and new thinking about ways to support educational change efforts in our communities.
  5. Encourage these kinds of documentation and sharing efforts amongst other like-minded networks and local organizing efforts.


IDEA Learning Report Issue No. 3: Fall 2014
IDEA Learning Report Issue No. 2: January 2014
IDEA Learning Report Issue No. 1: March 2013
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