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Why You Should Contribute

Working together, communities, networks, and organizations can and are engaging young people in meaningful learning. It’s time to tell that story. It’s time to change policies in support of that story. It’s time to reclaim the public in public education.

Five reasons you should give some of your hard-earned money away:

1. Impacting the National Narrative

2. Mapping the Educational Landscape

3. Generating Knowledge

4. Telling the Story

5. Connecting the Dots

We know you're busy and a lot of folks want your money and time. We're asking you to move forward with IDEA anyway, because it's important.

Here’s a few requests to consider:

Give $35 and keep the momentum going

Give $100 and cover the monthly bill for our super awesome database that helps us connect the dots

Give $250 and cover the flight for someone to attend an IDEA tour or IDEA camp

Give $1,000 and cover ½ the stipend of an IDEA Storyteller for a year

Give $3,000 and seed a place-based team in your community or somewhere else

Give $5,000 and cover the cost of one-team to participate in the next Learning Breakthrough Series session