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A Year at Mission Hill - Chapter 1: Why We’re Here

Summary: A Year At Mission Hill is is a 10-part series, which chronicles a year in the life of one of America's most successful public schools.

The Guiding Question for Chapter 1: What characterizes a great school, and how do... Read on...

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A Year at Mission Hill: My School

Summary: Chapter 1 in a series of short videos aligned with "A Year at Mission Hill' in which UK Filmmakers Visual Influence explore what it feels like to go to a great school, from a child's perspective.

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Accredited Author: Doug Noon

Summary: Doug Noon, the Alaskan teacher who writes this blog says it best:
Educating people for a democratic society is cultural work. Teachers must become border crossers. We need to be creatively flexible because even if... Read on...

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Bronx Students Release 10-Point List of Demands to Reform NY Public Ed

Summary: Dubbing themselves The Resistance, a group of Bronx students have decided to “Occupy” public education, releasing a 10 point plan for reforming New York City's public school system. Some of their demands include "a... Read on...


Summary: CommonAction engages people in connecting children, youth, families, and communities. We believe that engaging all people through substantive personal development, sustainable cultural change, meaningful policy reform,... Read on...

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CommonAction Blog

Accredited Author: Adam Fletcher

Summary: CommonAction Blog is an arm of CommonAction Consulting, founded by internationally-recognized youth engagement thought leader Adam Fletcher to sustain and expand democracy in the U.S. and Canada by working to... Read on...

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Education for Liberation Network

Summary: The Education for Liberation Network is a national coalition of teachers, community activists, youth, researchers and parents who believe a good education should teach people"particularly low-income youth and youth of... Read on...

FireStarter Youth Empowerment Program

Accredited Author: The FreeChild Project

Summary: Today's generation of social change leaders must gain more access to the resources needed to lead their communities. Easy-to-use, low-cost or free tools that teach communication, organizing, research, and other skills... Read on...

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Freechild Project Youth Engagement Workshop Guide

Accredited Author: Adam Fletcher

Summary: The Freechild Project Youth Engagement Workshop Guide features 24 workshop outlines designed to help learning groups explore different aspects of Youth Engagement. All exercises are hands-on, interactive, and focused on... Read on...

Freechild Project Youth Voice Toolbox

Accredited Author: Adam Fletcher

Summary: The Youth Voice Toolbox is an online resource comprised of a series of one-pagers on youth action, youth engagement, youth empowerment, and more. These tools identify a number of innovative practices, practical... Read on...

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Guide to Cooperative Games for Social Change

Accredited Author: Adam Fletcher and Kari Kunst

Summary: These activities provide a basic exploration of trust, teambuilding, communication, and social change by actively involving all participants. Young people, community youth workers, classroom teachers, and others are... Read on...

Just Listen: Being Someone, Doing Something

Summary: Kenneth, in grade 11, muses about how his growing passion for math could shape his future out in the world.

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Meaningful Student Involvement: Guide to Students as Partners in School Change

Accredited Author: Adam Fletcher

Summary: This powerful guide provides the theory, research, and numerous practical examples for working with students to take action together to improve schools, written by a leading practitioner in the field of youth voice and... Read on...

National Youth Rights Association

Accredited Author: NYRA

Summary: The National Youth Rights Association is dedicated to defending the civil and human rights of young people in the United States. We believe certain basic rights are intrinsic parts of American citizenship and transcend... Read on...

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On Play and Learning

Summary: The voices you hear are those of 8 - 11 year old Opal Public Charter School students, who know well the profound connections between play and learning.

Opal School

Summary: Opal School (K-5) of Portland Children's Museum is an elementary school that is chartered by the Portland Public School District. The work of Opal School begins with a strong image of all children as competent,... Read on...

Pushing Your Limits

Summary: Arielle, a tenth grader, says her school "makes me want to do more than what I think I can do." When teachers push her, they "help me to become something," she says, and when she gets to college, "I think I'll be... Read on...

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Q.E.D Foundation

Summary: Q.E.D. Foundation is a nonprofit organization providing training, coaching, and strategic consulting in the re-engagement of disengaged learners, effective design of engaging learning, youth voice, democratic practices,... Read on...

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Series on Meaningful Student Involvement

Accredited Author: Adam Fletcher

Summary: Meaningful Student Involvement: Guide to Students as Partners in School Change
Stories of Meaningful Student Involvement
Meaningful Student Involvement Research Guide
Meaningful Student Involvement Resource Guide

Social Justice High School

Summary: The purpose of the school of social justice is to assure that all students become critical thinkers through a curriculum that is rigorous, innovative, and implemented through meaningful school relationships. Our belief... Read on...

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