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IDEA Learning Report - Fall 2014, No. 3

Exploring how education transformation is happening around the U.S. and Puerto Rico

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About IDEA Learning Reports

Our community needs outlets to hear about what’s happening in other places and schools. The learning from change efforts - both successes and challenges - are usually only known by the groups directly involved. Making that learning shared and visible to organizers, educators, young people, and community leaders around the U.S. and Puerto Rico builds our collective courage and knowledge base, and creates powerful shared narratives about the purpose and future of education.

Learning is rooted in not knowing. It demands curiosity and humility. These traits stand out and are woven through the stories and learning shared in this report. Focusing on how young people, educators, and communities are making transformative change and sharing what’s being learned.

The stories shared here come directly from the IDEA Community: place-based efforts, teams of the Learning Breakthrough Series, organizational and network partners, and IDEA staff and board members. The stories were gathered from story journals, LBS team updates, emails, and phone conversations.

IDEA learning reports are written with the IDEA network of organizers, fellows, staff, board, and allies as the primary audience. And, we want to invite more and more folks into a shared journey of learning, and hope they may be helpful to other educational changemakers and networks. We know, at times, it may feel like it’s a bit too “insider” - but we think that’s part of what needs to happen. We need to be sharing more of the “nitty-gritty” details to grow our overall understanding of what is and what can be moved.