Trust in Schools: A Core Resource for School Reform

Author: Anthony S. Bryk and Barbara Schneider

Summary: Important consequences play out in the day-to-day social exchanges within a school community. Recent research shows that social trust among teachers, parents, and school leaders improves much of the routine work of... Read on...

Unpacking Privilege & Becoming an Ally (resources)

Author: Sabrina Stevens

Summary: Students are constantly observing, feeling and dealing with issues like identity, but educators and other adults don't always provide the time, space and guidance they need to talk freely and productively about them.... Read on...

Unraveling the “Teacher Shortage” Problem

Author: National Commission on Teaching and America's Future

Summary: This report analyzing teacher retention found that almost 33% of public school teachers are leaving the profession within their first three years and nearly 50% after five years, primarily because of dissatisfaction... Read on...

Using Participatory Action Research to Build Healthy Communities

Author: Meredith Minkler, DrPH

Summary: This paper lays out the ideas of participatory action research and explains how it is useful for creating change in communities, including a focus on 2 specific communities.

Why and How to Let Students Decide

Author: Alfie Kohn

Summary: This popular article by the author Alfie Kohn gives stories and cites plentiful research showing the benefit of giving students greater decision-making power in their learning. He describes studies finding that greater... Read on...

Why Preschool Shouldn’t Be Like School

Author: Alison Gopnick

Summary: This is one of the most readable articles explaining research that shows the value of exploration and discovery in learning in contrast to direct instruction. The author, University of California-Berkeley professor and... Read on...

Youth Development and the Arts in Non-School Hours

Author: Shirley Brice Heath and Elizabeth Soep

Summary: There are an abundance of theories about why the arts should be in young people's lives. This article summarizes a decade of research by a team of anthropologists in after-school programs considered high quality by... Read on...

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