“The Classroom is Obsolete: It’s time for something new”

Author: Prakash Nair

Summary: In this short and powerful piece, architect and school designer Prakash Nair outlines the a vision of learning spaces designed for the twenty-first century. Rather than continuing with the out-dated classrooms and... Read on...

A Year at Mission Hill - Report

Summary: This report tells the story of the reach and impact of the #YearatMH campaign of 2013, during which over 50 partner organizations helped spread the 10 chapters of the "A Year at Mission Hill" film to hundreds of... Read on...

Brain Facts: Learning, Memory, and Language

Author: Society for Neuroscience

Summary: A short and helpful primer on how the brain develops and learns. This is the basis for the broad research into neuroscience and it's implications for educational practice. Educators and researchers ought to understand... Read on...

Bronx Students Release 10-Point List of Demands to Reform NY Public Ed

Summary: Dubbing themselves The Resistance, a group of Bronx students have decided to “Occupy” public education, releasing a 10 point plan for reforming New York City's public school system. Some of their demands include "a... Read on...

Can Teachers Run Their Own Schools?

Author: Charles Taylor Kerchner with the assistance of Laura Steen Mulfinger

Summary: Through a case study of Avalon High School in Minnesota, this article explores the notion of democratic teacher-run schools where teachers collaboratively make school decisions rather than a single principal. Also... Read on...

CIrcles of Change

Author: Tracy A. Thompson

Summary: Lending circles, self-help groups, and study circles are all examples of one of the oldest and most effective tools for creating personal and social change. Leveraging the potential of Circles requires a clear... Read on...

Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline (book)

Author: Edited by Sofía Bahena, North Cooc, Rachel Currie-Rubin, Paul Kuttner, and Monica Ng - essays by multiple authors

Summary: This new volume from the Harvard Educational Review features essays from scholars, educators, students, and community activists who are working to disrupt, reverse, and redirect the pipeline. Alongside these authors are... Read on...

Education Is About Preparing Youth To Make The World Better Than It Is

Author: Pedro Noguera

Summary: Pedro Noguera's speech, Education Is About Preparing Young People To Make The World Better Than It Is, at Morningside Center's Courageous Schools Conference

Education Votes

Summary: Education Votes is a community of activists committed to advancing education policies focused on building great public schools and benefiting all students. Started by the National Education Association, the site offers... Read on...

Educational Colonialism by Chris Lehmann

Summary: In this Huffinton Post article, Chris Lehmann, founding Principal of Science Leadership Academy, says that when powerful people ensure arts-enriched learning for their own kids but push for rote memorization for other... Read on...

Framing Education Reform: A FrameWorks Message Memo

Author: Susan Nall Bales

Summary: This powerful article is a must-read for those working for educational change, describing how the language and messages we use impact our ability to build the will for change. The article explains traps and gaps in how... Read on...

How To Return Them To School?

Author: Lara López

Summary: This article highlights Nuestra Escuela (Our School), a school in Puerto Rico that helps support and guide dropouts to earn their high-school diplomas by focusing on students' self-esteem, motivation, and overall best... Read on...

IDEA Learning Report

Summary: IDEA Learning Report: Covering April 2013 - January 2014

As a Reggio Emilia teacher makes visible the learning and conversations she sees unfolding in an early childhood classroom, this Learning Report is an invitation... Read on...

Innovative Standards-based Graduation Models

Summary: Below is a compilation of resources of documents and a few schools & school models that use powerful innovative approaches to meeting standards through a combination of proficiency-based approaches and performance... Read on...

Invigorating Innovation in Education

Author: Paul Kim

Summary: This essay illustrates several examples of innovation in teaching practices in different fields.

Involving Students in Governance

Author: National Center for Learning and Citizenship

Summary: An introduction to what, why, and how to involve students in governance at the school, district, and state levels, including recommendations for educators and policy-makers.

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Let Kids Rule The School

Author: Susan Engel

Summary: In this New York Times article, Susan Engel writes about eight public high school students, aged 15 to 17, in western Massachusetts that designed and ran their own school within a school. "They represented the usual... Read on...

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Many Faces in Education Presents: Kirsten Olson

Author: Dare The School & Kirsten Olson

Summary: In this interview posted on the blog, Dare the School, Kirsten Olson is interviewed and speaks about public education, charter schools, reinventing education and more. Kirsten is a leading writer in the U.S. describing... Read on...

One Year Out: Class of 2010 Shares Lessons Learned About College Readiness

Author: Hart Research Associate

Summary: One year after graduating from high school, most members of the Class of 2010 believe that earning a college degree is “definitely” worth it, according to a survey released by the College Board, a not-for-profit... Read on...

Parenting for Social Change

Author: Teresa Graham Brett

Summary: At its core, parenting is about love. The parent-child relationship is the foundation from which we learn how to interact in the world. When parent-child relationships are approached from our culture's dominant paradigm... Read on...

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