¡En Solidaridad con Nuestra Escuela!

¡En Solidaridad!

Let's help bring clean drinking water to Nuestra Escuela

It's been several weeks since Hurricane Maria passed directly over Puerto Rico. For all the incredible strength and resourcefulness of the Puerto Rican people, the devastation and humanitarian crisis is real.

IDEA has a deep relationship with the people of Puerto Rico that began many years ago, and particularly with the community of Nuestra Escuela. We have learned a great deal from our Nuestra Escuela family, most especially the power of love in action. They are living this out every day, as their latest update shares.

Now it's time for us to come together and support our Boricua family.

Ana Yris and the team from Nuestra Escuela told us that one of their most pressing needs right now is clean drinking water. They are working on getting a couple of large water tanks and need four high quality filters - a significant expense - to make the water drinkable.

Let’s all chip in whatever we can to help bring clean drinking water to the youth, families, and staff of the Nuestra Escuela community. IDEA will send 100% of all money raised directly to the school. Anything helps, from $5 to $50 to $500. This will be our message of love to our Nuestra Escuela family.

En solidaridad y con amor.

¡Vamos a hacerlo!

Donate below to support clean drinking water for Nuestra Escuela:

If you have any questions, contact us at info @ democraticeducation.org