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#WeAuthorize Wednesdays

Posted by Shawn Strader on May 07, 2014 - 05:59 AM

In partnership with Integrity in Education, we’re launching #WeAuthorize Wednesdays today, May 7th!

It’s time to define a new course of action for American education policy in the 21st Century – one that helps to make visible the tremendous positive educational innovation developing at America's grassroots, and that is informed by the wisdom, creativity and foresight of young people, educators and the communities they serve.

This weekly twitter holiday is one way to get started.

Let’s begin to accomplish what our elected officials cannot do alone – re-authorize a federal education policy that is six years overdue, and re-imagine American public education in ways that make it more equitable, engaging, and relevant for all communities.

We invite everyone, each week, at any time of day or night, to begin to link together and lift up a larger and just vision for education and policy.


Bonus challenge: Shoot a video of yourself or hold a mock congressional hearing with the testimony you think needs to be heard. Then tweet it. Shout to Tupac for showing us how it’s done.

If you have additional questions or comments please email or even comment at the bottom of this blog.