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Vermont Partnership for Change Touring NYC Schools

Posted by Dana Bennis on Jan 07, 2013 - 08:48 AM

They arrived in New York City yesterday afternoon: 30 Vermonters, including students, teachers, parents, school administrators, and community leaders.  They are the tour group from the Partnership for Change school transformation project in Burlington and Winooski, and their 2 and a half day trip will see them visiting some of the leading schools practicing proficiency-based student-centered learning and serving a diverse student population. 

The Partnership for Change (P4C), launched in 2012 and funded by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, "is committed to build more robust teaching and learning environments, create deeper family-school partnerships, generate community-based learning experiences, enhance youth engagement and leadership, and establish a proficiency-based system in which all learners are provided many opportunities to set and meet ambitious goals."  IDEA is honored to be a key collaborator with the P4C in creating this tour.

After arriving by bus, the tour group began their adventure last night with an opening gathering and dinner at the UN Foundation conference space, where they discussed their goals and intentions for the trip and how they will focus during the visits on observations and questions.  They also got ready to begin tweeting at the hashtag: #P4CNYCtour.  

That's Sarah Bertucci, at front center, co-tour leader (along with Jonah Canner) welcoming everyone to the start of the tour.

This morning, the group is now at the Julia Richman Complex meeting with the leaders of the New York Performance Standards Consortium, a consortium of 28 schools throughout New York State who have been practicing proficency-based learning for many years. The visit also includes tours led by students and teachers of 3 Consortium Schools in the Julia Richman Complex - Urban Academy, Vanguard High School, and Manhattan International School.
Some tweets from tour participants:


We are now in the Julia Richmond Complex. It has 6 schools, a preschool, & health center. #p4cnyctour #P4CVT #bsdvt
Ann Cook's advice... We can "replicate" success when it's about ideas like teachers needing to be involved in design of school #P4CNYCtour

Just because you don't read english doesn't mean you can't think - International HS values their students experiences #P4CNYCtour

A quote from a student at Urban Academy: "this school taught me to be an intellectual, to fight with my words not fists" #P4CNYCtour
@dena_lake: #P4CNYCtour early morning with Vermonters and the consortium at the Julia Richman Complex.
And one more pic, from @LaurenACurry: What's not here: anything fancy (or expensive). What is here: space that meets kids' needs. #P4CNYCTour
Later today, the group heads to the NYC iSchool, which "offer[s] students opportunities to engage in meaningful work that has relevance to them and the world, choice and responsibility in determining their high school experience, and unique structures to support their development. Then tomorrow, the tour splits into smaller groups visiting several international schools, Lyons Community School, and The Point.  Check out the full itinerary

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