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Reflections: A Spring Type of Love

Posted by Shawn Strader on Apr 09, 2015 - 12:19 PM

Reflections: A Spring Type of Love

Spring has fully sprung in certain areas of the country. Despite the pollen, this is definitely one of my favorite seasons. One of the seasons I absolutely L-O-V-E. The type of love you feel in February as some of us celebrate Valentine’s Day and Black History Month. The type of love you feel when you know you are making a difference in your community or in someone’s life.

With all that is going on across the country and world, I reflect on the bright spots, the hard work that folks are doing on the ground, and how we can better connect and share the brightness from city to city, state to state, and eventually country to country.

Below are some of my reflections on changework in Oregon from February. Although the sun didn’t shine, it was cold and rainy, the brightness of the people and organizations we worked with shined through.

~ Crystal Mattison, Director of Changework at IDEA


February Reflections from an Oregon Learning Tour

IDEA teamed up with the Heart of Oregon Corps and Two Sisters School District in February to do a mini-Learning-Tour in the state of Oregon. The purpose of the tour was to learn more about democratic educational practices within the state while also figuring out how the school district and community organization can come together to develop a dynamic program for their youth.


Promising Practices and Unfinished Business: Fostering Equity and Excellence for Black and Latino Males

This report summarizes the findings and recommendations from the second phase of a groundbreaking study examining factors impacting low academic performance for Black and Latino males in Boston public schools.
From Annenberg Institute for School Reform  |  Read story

Power 2! - Youth and Adults Shaping Vermont Education Together

Although the conference is over and done, a lot of great collaboration is propelling forward thanks to this awesome event that took place in Fairlee, Vermont on April 8th. Get a glimpse of the entire event by checking out the Storify linked below.
A Storify story culling all #P2VT Tweets from the event  |  Read story

Short Video Shows How Vouchers Hurt Public Education

We need to make a choice: do we fully fund our public schools that serve all students? Or do we continue to support private school options for a few, at the cost of underfunded public schools?
By Southern Education Foundation, shared by Opportunity to Learn  |  Read story
Story Journals are a way for us to track and learn from what's happening on the ground. Fill this out anytime you see actions and changes that should be shared. No need for lengthy polished writing - short sentences and bullet-points are just fine.
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