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At the Core of Every Move We Make

Posted by Shawn Strader on Feb 18, 2015 - 01:20 PM

At the Core of Every Move We Make

As we push through what is hopefully the final stretch of winter (hang in there New England!), we're tilting even further toward new beginnings, projects, plans, and great work that's already taking place. We're thankful for everyone who was able to donate over the holidays. We're grateful for the ongoing work to influence positive change around the world. And without a doubt, we're ready for an incredible year of progress and change in education.

As we gear up for some seriously effective changework, we're paying attention to our values and intentionality. These values are at the core of every move we make. If you haven't read through them before, please take some time to. We're eager for what's coming and hope you are too.


IDEC 2015 is Right Around the Corner

The International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) is coming to New Zealand April 9-12, 2015. Register online ( before the end of February and be entered in a drawing to win a free adult ticket!

Engage in a multitude of hands-on and heartfelt approaches to explore questions like How do we want to learn and teach in the future?, How can we work together to provide learning experiences that support resilient community development and true democratic values? in an environment of trust, equality and enjoyment.

San Francisco USD is Hiring More Black Teachers

SFUSD is trying something it hopes will address achievement gap disparities early on: Hiring more black teachers.

When It's a Good Thing - Social Media in the Classroom

Teachers are finding creative ways to enhance their teaching by incorporating social media into their lessons.


Valuable School & Principal - Wouldn’t Know it by the Test Scores

When a student stopped randomly on the street by a roving storyteller cites his principal as the person who’s influenced him most, we’d better listen. The test scores don’t tell the whole story. And it is time for our nation to create the kind of 21st-century accountability system that students deserve.
By Barnett Berry, Washington Post  |  Read story

Schools Made Commitment To Black Boys, Now Seeing Big Results

Oakland dared to name institutionalized racism -- and not the children -- as the problem. School districts across the country now have a model for African American student success.
By Rebecca Klein, Huff Post Black Voices  |  Read story

Opening Doors and Hearts

Unfortunately in today's world, a lot of children are subjected to all kinds of messages from the media about how to be, how to act, and what to do. In this video, one boy is bullied, but how he responds to it changes everything.
Josh's Story  |  Read story
Story Journals are a way for us to track and learn from what's happening on the ground. Fill this out anytime you see actions and changes that should be shared. No need for lengthy polished writing - short sentences and bullet-points are just fine.
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